Event Funding Request

The Fort Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau can assist with events that bring in tourism to Fort Stockton. Events must meet specific CVB guidelines and timelines to qualify. If you have any questions about the application or reporting process, please contact the CVB at (432) 336-2264, or in person at 1000 Railroad Ave, Fort Stockton, Texas, 79735.

Please note: Funding requests MUST be approved a MINIMUM of 90 days prior to the event. All requests must be tuned in to the CVB office ten (10) days prior to regularly scheduled board meetings to be included on agendas for review. Requests that do allow for the 90-day period will NOT be considered for funding. 

Submit all completed forms and attachments to the CVB office, 1000 Railroad Ave, Fort Stockton, TX 79735. Forms may be hand-delivered or delivered by post.

Event Funding Request Form (Required)

Attach to the request form: (REQUIRED: Failure to supply any requested attachments may result in denial of funding)

  • Complete event budget including expenses and income sources. List names, titles, and phone numbers of any other organizations from which you have also requested funding for this event.
  • Current financial statements for your organization
  • Synopsis of event including purpose and goals, estimated economic impact to the city such as the number of people expected to attend, and the number of hotel room bookings expected. Also include a statement of how any remaining profits following the event will be used.

Funding Request Report Example

W9 (Required)

City of Fort Stockton EFT Authorization (Recommended)

Events that receive CVB funding approval are required to provide a complete report to the CVB board within 45 days of the event date. Failure to provide required reports will result in funding repayment to the CVB or termination of funding, and will incur a three (3) year prohibition. 

Fort Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau

Fort Stockton, Texas

1000 Railroad Ave, Fort Stockton, TX 79735
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